Women in NFTs #4: An Interview with Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie, self-taught Indonesian artist and illustrator, answers a few questions about her work and what it means to be a woman in the NFT space today.

In the first part of our “Women in NFTs” series, we saw how the lack of female representation in the crypto industry gave women no choice but to carve out a path for themselves in the NFT space. In our second and third pieces, we took a look at the most famous and iconic women-led projects in the space and 8 of the most relevant NFT female artists.

In this fourth article of the series, Diela Maharanie, self-taught Indonesian artist and illustrator, does us the honor to answer a few questions about her work and what it means to be a woman in the NFT space today.

Tell us about you and who you are as an artist; and your NFT journey so far.

I’m an illustrator and visual artist, I started to work as an illustrator professionally from 2007 as a fashion illustrator for a brand and since 2011.

I decided to work for myself as a freelance illustrator. I have collaborated with some big brands like Instagram, Apple Music, Adidas, Samsung, and many more. As an artist, I have exhibited my works in several exhibitions in several countries, both traditionally and digitally.

I have been doing Diela Daily Drawings since 2006 and kept those drawings on online galleries like deviantart. As the pandemic hit, there was fear of uncertainty because I work as a freelancer, and I had some jobs and exhibitions canceled.

herstory #3. Credits: Diela Maharanie

So one time in January 2021, I was spending time on Clubhouse and I found out what NFTs are, I jumped from room to room to learn more about them. Loving the concept of blockchain and NFTs, I decided to join the bandwagon. In February, I sent my application to knownOrigin and was accepted in April.

I prepared my genesis series and minted there, thats how I started my journey, then I jumped to try another blockchain and minted some works on hicetnunc and I was so amazed by the tremendous support and the NFT community.

I am so glad I found NFTs in these pandemic times.

hide and seek. Credits: Diela Maharanie

What is it like to be a female NFT artist today?

In the first months in NFTs, I felt the space was male-dominated, with all the big sales made by male artists. But as the NFT space developed, the community learned and grew and more artists female artists/female-led project got more notices and sales.

My hope is just that we are not competing based on gender. We are all artists and we have to support each other and make this community bigger and stronger. We (as artists) can finally be appreciated for doing what we love. It is a new economy for creatives.

herstory #28. Credits: Diela Maharanie

What is the general vibe within the female NFT artist community?

The vibe is so supportive! There is a lot of support towards each other works, I never felt like this in my 15 years of work in the creative industry. Because in NFTs, we focus on our own art and projects, and we are not competing to get clients or access to galleries like in the conventional art world.

In NFTs, we are competing to make better art and progressing.

Are a lot of people who collect your art women?

I don’t really know because mostly, they are anonymous.

Home. Credits: Diela Maharanie

Any other female NFT artists whose work you particularly like?

There are so many to name!

I love my fellow Indonesian female artists like Ykha, Liunic, Rensi, Wickana and Marishka.

They have unique visuals that are different from each other and they’ve been doing it for years

How do you envision this coming year? The next 10?

I hope the blockchain remains a core technology and keeps getting better. And I hope more and more people join!

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